Shelti Bayside Charcoal Matrix Pool Table (Coin Op DB)


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Shelti Bayside Charcoal Matrix Table (Coin Op DB) is a High-Performance New Coin Pool Table with Dollar Bill Acceptor.

Shelti and Horizon Games have teamed up to bring you the new Electronic Bayside Pool Table with dollar bill acceptor that is fully programmable with all you would expect in an electronic pool table. A few features of this advanced control system include: rack play, time play, speed pool, varied pricing, discount pricing, free play and game audits.

In Bay City, MI—a town that reflects its proximity to the Saginaw Bay in the water and its name—designing finely engineered, yet straightforward coin operated pool tables has been a way of life for nearly 50 years. While the name over the door at 333 Morton Street changed to Shelti, the devotion to improve a table's maintenance, playability, and overall profitability remains the same.

Quite simply, we know the less a technician is called to a table, the more you make while the table is played. And, years of league and tournament experience taught us that pool players in the know will choose the better table. It determines where they line up money for the next game. And, that reflects where we all know it matters most—in the cash box.


Single-Piece Ball Trap Actuator Arm
Eliminates the push chute end and functions with less moving parts than other major manufacturers' tables.

Simplified Ball Trap Assembly With Bi-Fold Door Pivots
Enables trap assembly repairs and replacement to be performed through the service door without removing the slate.

Unitized Table Construction
Requires precision fit between the side and end aprons to the top rails and zinc die-cast corners. Adds to the cabinet's overall structural integrity and better ball response.

MDF Top Rails
Provides the straightness and density characteristics for accurate and more resilient play.

Anodized Aluminum Rail Trim
Full-coverage with fasteners under the rail to reduce contact and snags with patrons' clothing.

Pro-Am Cushion Rubber
Affixed with bolts that include a plastic shoulder washer to precisely locate the cushion rail at the proper play height. Tested and proven to provide exceptional ball rebound and accuracy off the rails.

Ball Return Chutes
Enlarged chalk openings in all six (6) arms and three (3) in the center return are wide enough for the chalk to go through on angles, reducing service calls.

Tavern-Tested Magnetic And Oversize Cue Separator
Works with Aramith's Standard (Cat's Eye) and Tournament (Green Dot/PR) Magnetic Cue Balls, and Magnetic Maroon Dot and "Mud Balls".

Championship Mercury Ultra 19-Ounce; 75% Wool / 25% Nylon Fabric Blend Cloth
Shaved and finished to look and play with the speed of a worsted cloth..

One-Piece Slate
Precision measured and ground as necessary for flatness within 10/1,000ths (0.010") of an inch. Ensures true ball roll.
Regulation Size Play Areas
Twice the "nose-to-nose" length of the width: 44" x 88" (101" table); 40" x 80" (93" table); and 37.25" x 74.5" (88" table). The 2:1, length-to-width play dimensions are critical for bank shots to respond at consistent angles for accurate pocketing

High-Impact Molded Legs
Made of plastic resins, reinforced with fiberglass. Legs overlap the aprons, adding to the overall table appearance and strength.

Interchangeable Parts With Other Major-Manufacturer Tables
Including cushion rails, slate, and more.

Programming Features

  • Standard Game Play
  • Time Play
  • Bonus Level Pricing
  • Happy Hour Pricing—Time and day of the week programmable.
  • Free Play Pricing—For leagues or other promotions.
  • Speed Pool
  • Game Audits
  • Maximum Cash Limit Setting—Helps limit the amount of time a group of players occupy a table and allows it to be shared with other players.

External Hardware Features

  • (A) LCD Display
  • (B) Battery Low Indication
  • (C) 25-Cent Roll Down Coin Mechanism
  • (D) Free Play Key Switch
  • (E) Steel Door with Lock
  • (F) ICT Bill Acceptor & Stacker

Internal Hardware Features

  • 12volt, 18 amp Universal Battery
  • Internal Battery Charger System With 20' Pull-Out Retractable A/C Outlet Cord
  • Electronic Meter
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Power Saving Sleep Mode
  • PC Board Battery Back-up—To save programmed settings if not connected to the 12-volt battery.

Assembled Size
  • 88"—88"L. x 50½"W. x 32"H.
  • 93"—93¼"L. x 53¼"W. x 32"H.
  • 101"—101"L. x 56"W. x 32"H.
  • Cabinet Apron Ht: 17½".


  • 88"—695 lbs.
  • 93"—750 lbs.
  • 101"—875 lbs.


  • Leg Box with 12 Legs Bolts, Warranty Registration
  • Accessory Kit: Includes Balls, Cues, Chalk, and Triangle


  • 2-Year Comprehensive Warranty

Free Maintenance Package includes:

  • Aramith Ball Cleaner
  • Aramith Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Wooden Brush
  • MC Master Chalk - 12 pcs


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Complete Champion game room delivered and assembled, with Champion Madison 16' Shuffleboard TableTornado Madison Furniture Foosball TableDynamo 7' Reagan Air Hockey Table.Champion Game Room, Luxury Game Room

X2 - Valley Panther Cherry Pool Tables

x3 - Tornado T-3000 Competition Foosball Table in Crimson Red with optional Tornado Light Fixtures and Red Handle WrapsGame Room Tornado T-3000 Competition Foosball Table in Crimson Red

Exclusive RS Barcelona Diagonal Slate Pool Table W/ Dining TopChampion 18' The Championship Shuffleboard Table

Gold Standard Games 8' Gold Flare Home Elite Air Hockey Table with Electronic ScoreboardGold Standard Games 8' Gold Flare Home Elite Air Hockey Table with Electronic Scoreboard

RS Barcelona RS Stationary White Outdoor Tennis TableRS Barcelona RS Stationary White Outdoor Tennis Table

Skee-Ball Home Premium Arcade with Coal CorkSkee-Ball Home Premium Arcade with Coal Cork

Tornado T-3000 Competition Foosball Table in Crimson Red.

Playcraft Brazos River 8' Slate Pool Table w/ Leather Drop Pockets in Weathered Gray 

Venture Monaco 12' Shuffleboard TableVenture Monaco 12' Shuffleboard Table

Playcraft Monaco 8' Slate Pool Table with Dining Top
Playcraft Monaco 8' Slate Pool Table with Dining Top

Gold Standard Games 8' Tournament Pro Elite Air Hockey TableGold Standard Games 8' Tournament Pro Elite Air Hockey Table

Exclusive RS Barcelona Diagonal Slate Pool Table W/ Dining Top with Rene Pierre Match Foosball Table in Black

RS Barcelona Pool Table with Rene Pierre Match Foosball Table in Black

Playcraft Brazos River 8' Slate Pool Table w/ Leather Drop Pockets in Weathered GrayPlaycraft Brazos River 8' Slate Pool Table w/ Leather Drop Pockets in Weathered Gray

RS Barcelona RS Stationary White Outdoor Tennis TableRS Barcelona RS Stationary White Outdoor Tennis Table

Playcraft Astral 8' Slate Pool Table in Walnut Playcraft Astral 8' Slate Pool Table in Walnut

RS Barcelona Black RS#2 Iron Foosball TableRS Barcelona Black RS#2 Iron Foosball Table

Garlando G-500WH Pure White Indoor Foosball TableGarlando G-500WH Pure White Indoor Foosball Table

RS Barcelona You and Me Black Standard Outdoor Tennis TableRS Barcelona You and Me Black Standard Outdoor Tennis Table

Valley Panther Black Cat Pool TableValley Panther Black Cat Pool Table

Playcraft 8' Willow Bend Slate Pool Table with Custom Cloth/FeltPlaycraft Willow Bend Slate Pool Table with Custom Cloth/Felt

 Playcraft Bull Run 8' Slate Pool Table

Venture Astoria Sport 12' Shuffleboard Table in Black Venture Astoria Sport 12' Shuffleboard Table In Black

RS Barcelona You and Me White Standard Outdoor Tennis TableRS Barcelona You and Me White Standard Outdoor Tennis Table

Tornado Tournament T-3000 Competition Foosball Table in Silver Tornado Tournament T-3000 Competition Foosball Table in Silver

Playcraft Brazos River 8' Slate Pool Table w/ Leather Drop Pockets in Weathered BlackPlaycraft Brazos River 8' Slate Pool Table w/ Leather Drop Pockets in Weathered Black

Arachnid 360-Spider 2000 Series Electronic Home Black DartboardArachnid 360-Spider 2000 Series Electronic Home Black Dartboard

Playcraft Yukon River Slate Pool Table in Weathered Fieldstone

Playcraft Yukon River Slate Pool Table in Weathered Fieldstone
Champion Venetian 16' Shuffleboard Table
RS Barcelona RS Stationary White Outdoor Tennis Table
Hudson Cirrus Shuffleboard Table 9'-22 Indoor/Outdoor w/Custom Wood Options
Hudson Metro Shuffleboard 9'-22' with Custom Finish Options

Why choose the Luxe Game Tables?

Luxe Game Tables is one of the largest online game table stores in the US--we carry a huge selection of products from your favorite brands nationwide! We can also do what most others cannot--professionally install everything that you purchase from us, no matter where you are.

The Luxe Game Tables is the preferred choice for major colleges, Fortune 100 companies, renown bars and restaurants, and homes across the US.

Because we sell volume, we obtain discount pricing, which we pass along to you. At Luxe Game Tables we also understand that helping you choose the right product, or accessories, is just as important as after-sales support. Our carefully-trained staff will always be there to help with any questions you have before, during, and after your purchase from us. 

By choosing the Luxe Game Tables you are not only investing in best pricing and customer service, but in a positive experience. We are here to help you in any way we can.

Are you a licensed reseller?

Yes. We are fully licensed in the State of Florida and authorized to sell every brand we carry. Your order will ship directly from the manufacturer, with the full manufacturer's warranty. All items are new; we do not sell used items.

How long will it take to receive my shipment?

Depending on where you are in the U.S., delivery usually take 5-7 business days after it ships (please see our Shipping & Return Policy section for additional information).

I just placed an order--can I change the address?

Because all orders go through our fraud protection software for your security, absolutely no address changes can be made on an order. 

If you still need to change the address, you will need to cancel the order and place a new one with the correct address.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

Expedited shipments can get to you in as little as two business days, depending on your location. This only applies for non-freight goods.

Large or heavy items must go via freight and delivery windows are based on the distance from the manufacturer warehouse to the delivery address. Freight shipments may not be expedited and we cannot provide any guaranteed delivery dates. We will give you an approximate time frame, usually 5-7 business days after an item ships (less for closer locations), however please note these are only estimates.

I absolutely need my purchase in 1-3 days, no exceptions. Can you do this?

Much as we strive to ship as quickly as possible, no freight company in the US can give you guaranteed delivery dates, unless you pay for Express Freight service, which may cost as much as your table.

Most products ship via 18-wheeler freight trucks--so you can imagine the expense of them dropping other orders in order to strictly pick yours up and ship it ahead of all others.

Freight trucks make multiple stops in multiple cities. Weather, accidents, scheduling, and other incidents may also cause unexpected delays.

As a result, it is very important you place your order as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary delays.

We ship directly from the manufacturer, hence the fastest way.

Do you ship internationally?

No, we do not.

Do you sell used equipment or have equipment for rent?

All of our items are brand new with the full manufacturer's warranty as we are an approved & licensed seller. We do not sell used items or rent out.

If an item is out of stock with you, can I find it elsewhere?

Since we ship directly from the manufacturer, if the item is out of stock with us, it is generally out of stock online nationwide.

  • The only way to obtain an out of stock unit is to go to a local store in your area in hopes they carry a physical unit.

In these instances, however, we recommend you NOT WAIT. We will gladly take a backorder and reserve a future unit for you, as many arrive in VERY LIMITED quantities and often sell out to backorders before they are even back in stock. 

Is Free Shipping offered everywhere in the US?

Much as we strive to offer absolutely free shipping during our promotional periods, there are some locations where we cannot offer free shipping. These are usually states such as Hawaii and Alaska, but not limited to these, as well as locations with restricted access (i.e. islands, heavy metro areas, hotels), rural areas, or locations which a carrier may deem remote or difficult to get to. 

Coast-to-coast shipping may not be covered under our free shipping policy, as we strive to obtain the fastest route to prevent item breakage and deliver exceptional customer satisfaction. Examples of coast to coast shipment is products going from Florida to Nevada or California.

If you feel you are in such a location, please feel free to contact us first to make sure. We will still provide a credit for shipping in these instances. If you place an order and we find that you are in such an area, we will immediately contact you with all available options.

What does curbside delivery include?

For curbside deliveries, which is the default for all orders, the delivery driver will pull up to the delivery address, open the gate to his truck, and allow you to remove the item in front of your home. 

18-wheeler trucks cannot pull inside driveways. This is generally the standard delivery method across all retailers of heavy freight goods.

Does my order include a liftgate?

No, orders by default are curbside only. If you require a liftgate, please choose the option during checkout. Bear in mind that some products (ie. very large ones) may require special assistance to remove the item from the truck, since they would not fit on a liftgate. We will promptly let you know if this is the case.

What is Front Door/Garage Delivery?

When this service is requested on a shipment going to a business, the carrier will take the freight into the storefront for delivery. On a residential delivery, the carrier will take the shipment onto the property, or into the garage of the residence. They will not necessarily deliver inside the front door, but rather at the front door. Please note this is the case with any shipment from any company and is a shipping carrier policy, not our own.

When a driver delivers to a specific room in a house or business (for example a basement or 2nd floor), the requested service is known as White Glove service. Since this is very time consuming, only specific shipping companies offer white glove service. If you require white glove service, please choose Professional Installation & White Glove Service.

Not all white glove quotes may be the same, since not all home deliveries are the same. Number of stairs, corridors, etc. may require a different quote and we will let you know if this is the case.

Thank you for visiting the Luxe Game Tables and we look forward to serving you!

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