Shuffleboards: Should You Get A Two-Piece Playfield?

One of the most asked questions from our customers is, do I need split playfield, for my Shuffleboard table? Well, we need to point out that 98% of the shuffleboard tables come with 1 piece playfield, as a standard option. There are tables on the market, such as the Playcraft Saybrook in Weathered Smoke or the Playcraft Saybrook in Weathered Midnight, that only come with 2 piece playfield as standard configuration. 

What is a 2 piece playfield?
It’s an upgrade that some of the manufacturers we carry offer it on their tables. It’s available on Hudson, Champion, and Playcraft Shuffleboards. It means that the main board, also called the Playfield or the Plank, will come in 2 equal sections that are interline connected with hardware. The hardware that connects the 2 sections is different, depending on the manufacturer.

Do I need a split playfield?
If you have enough space in a room that is on your second, third floor, but you have a problem maneuvering a 16’ or 22’ regular one piece playfield due to its weight or size thru the stairs or Freight elevator, the split playfiled is one of your options. This will basically split the complete table in half. If you are looking to get a 22’ Tournament Size Shuffleboard, the longest piece will be 11’, which makes the logistics of moving the table into the house, or a building, much easier.

Is the performance same on split playfield vs Regular Playfield?
If the table is assembled and leveled by one of our professional installation teams, you will not see any difference when it comes to the split playfield performance. With all the tables we’ve sold so far, we haven’t had a single complain of the performance of the tables. The pucks are sliding seamlessly over the middle of the table, and the playfield can be leveled accordingly.

Maintenance on a two piece playfield? 
Same as you service a regular playfield, put a bit of silicone spray, some speed wax, and wipe the board from time to time, depending on how frequent the table is played on.

How does the 2 halves connect? 

To help you better understand how does the 2 sections connect, we added images from different manufacturer mechanisms. 

2 Piece playfield
Shuffleboard Split Playfield
Table shown below is with 2 piece playfield, and as you can see the seam is hard to notice, where the the halves are connected.


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